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When a natural disaster or other emergency strikes, be prepared to have plenty of fresh drinking water on hand with the cool new waterBOB- Emergency Drinking Water Storage. Rather than temporarily filling up an open bathtub with water that could easily get contaminated or leak down the drain, just lay this innovative heavy duty food grade FDA approved plastic bladder out in any standard bathtub, attach the fill sock to the faucet and fill to capacity. In about 20 minutes you'll have 100…

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waterBOB - Emergency Bathtub Drinking Water Storage

bathtub water storage made easy and clean

Lifesaver Water Bottle - Developed in response to natural disasters, the Livesaver water bottle can filter up to 6000 liters of hazardous and potentially fatal water before it needs a filter change.

Baked Marbles: Bake clear marbles on a cookie sheet at 325-350 degrees for 20 minutes. Immediately put them in a sink or metal bowl filled with ice water. The glass cracks on the inside, not the outside. Glue on a cap bead with a starter loop

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Keep Matches in a Mason jar – with a Strikeable Lid!

Matches in Mason Jar with strike-able lid; perfect next to the grill!

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How To Turn Salt Water Into Drinking Water

If you live near the beach, make sure you know how to turn salt water into drinking water using the distillation method.

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How To Store Charcoal For Cooking Emergencies

You probably know by now I do everything colored coded. Storing charcoal is no different. My favorite way to store charcoal or briquettes is in five gallon buckets with Gamma Lids. My color choice for…

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72 Hour Kit Step by Step Series

26 Weeks to Emergency Prepardness. Weeks include bug out bags and what to include in them, special interests like babies and pets, and how to create a "emergency binder"

It simple and can save more space in your bag. Just make sure you put it to dry bag or plastic bag to prevent from wet.

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How to Put Together an Emergency Preparedness Kit

Emergency Kit for your car DIY and tips

Which plastics are best for long term water storage? How long they last, health considerations etc. Safe Plastics For Food and Drink

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How to Store Water

How to Clean, Prepare and Fill a Water Barrel Now that you have purchased your 30-gallon water barrels, do you know how to store water so that it will be clean and safe to drink? Do you just stick the hose into the barrel and fill? No, not a good idea. Here's a step-by-step method to prepare them that will ensure clean, potable water when and if you need it in an emergency. Various Water Storage Container Sizes & How to Purify the water.