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Scout the Border Collie-Heres another Scout pic-How FUN!!

Scout the Border Collie-Here's another Scout pic-How FUN! My Marlowe loves bubble time too!

f095e53bc98ec59515c0598690c6b95f.jpg (250×411)

f095e53bc98ec59515c0598690c6b95f.jpg (250×411)

Border Collie Magnet  Yes I Herd You  Border Collie by PopDoggie, $5.99

Border Collie Magnet - Yes I Herd You - Border Collie Gift Refrigerator Fridge Dog Magnets

Poses 2 by ~Elixirmy on deviantART:

Second page to this one -> More poses~ I hope they are helpful and hopefully you can understand my rambles ffff Also, I am iffy on perspective still .

~Simply Me~

Looks like a Border Collie to me! --- Please noo, I give up! / / Markéta Trojanová ~ I think this may be a Corgi? and not a BC ~ what do you all think?

Borgi (border collie & corgi). Oh my it just looks like a mini border collie... soooo cute!

Borgi (border collie & corgi) Pretty sure I need one! Its another breed that stays tiny like a puppy forever

Time to go to work.

a working border collie. It is so sad to think of people keeping them as pets when they want to work.

Nana the Border Collie Performs Amazing Dog Tricks - Meet the world's smartest dog: my best friend, Nana!  From footstalls, to walking front paw handstands, to running backwards, Nana does it all.  All of Nana's training is done exclusively with positive reinforcement and clicker training.  Nana chooses to do all the behaviours in this video, and when she performs a trick, she is rewarded with lots of praise, toys, and treats. She loves what she does, and to her, "training" is all just a big

Nana the Border Collie Performs Amazing Dog Tricks Border Collie Performs Smart Dog Tricks!