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"Increase Bind-Off" from KnittingTherapy - "The eternal problem with binding off a cuff: it's either too tight, or, some kind of a mishap-ruffle that might be stretchy enough but somehow stays stretched out and never gets back to baseline... I just want a simple, straightforward and quick ending to my ribbed sock cuff, that preferably stays in place when unworn and stretches out enough to pass over my foot..." PDF tutorial, print the two sheets and keep in a plastic sleeve for ready…

JUST A HEADS UP: You should NEVER use ace bandages to bind your breasts. They can seriously fuck with your breathing and even break your ribs. Alfred is an immortal nation, and I sometimes use him as a tool to educate random people about this kind of thing. Don't follow his example. Get a real binder, layer sports bras, something, ANYTHING besides this. This has been a PSA.

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Custom Printed Dog T-Shirts, Doggie Skins Baby Rib Tank

Our doggies make the perfect canvas to advertise our brands for us! Custom printed dog t-shirts are a super cute promotional item that really makes a statement everywhere pets go! When your company logo is on a doggie t-shirt, you will get all kinds of attention! Our custom printed t-shirts for dogs are made from a 5.8 oz 100% combed rungspun cotton in a 1x1 baby rib. Available in a great assortment of colors & sizes.

The use of ace bandages for #binding is not only extremely uncomfortable, it’s dangerous. They contract around the ribcage, not allowing it to expand as you #breathe, also putting you at risk for deformed ribs from prolonged use, as well as broke ribs. Always use a #binder, which is specifically designed for binding and shaping the chest. Can’t afford a binder? Contact Aydian Dowling @ to get a binder only the cost of shipping. #transgender #trans #LGBTQI…

NONONO OK SO I DONT USUALLY POST THIS KIND OF THING BUT please never bind with ace bandages it can break your ribs and cause so much more damage. Use a binder, or bind with sports bras or camis. Also, if you plan on getting top surgery, ace bandages can destroy your breast tissue, which i believe is necessary for a successful top surgery (i think it has to do with skin/nipple placement but im not sure).