Saw this pin & immediately knew where this top was from, clicked on the link, and sure enough, Sabo Skirt....not to mention the name is the 'Jasmine Top' and they know my weakness, only $36! // open back...!! -mn.

blush ballet top with lace


Lace over swim

Grey Lace Top

Cover up

Lace dress and leather bag

Lace, leather, and Leopard.



LACE! I am just in love with the look of lace! I need that dress! maybe if it was just a tad longer....just a little...


Great dress to wear to Miami. Looks like I need to wear low expectations: low-back bra converter with this dress.

<3 the shirttttttt

Cute top.


Little Black Dress

Summer colors

lace mini dress - reception dress, nice if it were a bit longer for getting low on the dance floor, haha.