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Naval Training Station, San Francisco, California. "Do Not Spit On The Floor, To Do So May Spread Disease" sign on the balcony edge of the Drill Hall floor of the Main Barracks, which is in use as an extemporized sleeping area.

1920s Former Farm Girl -- Frances Taylor visits the family farm after living in the big city of San Francisco, and hams it up. from MeraM's flickr stream.

San Francisco Chinatown circa 1900 A family servant walks an elaborately dressed young boy along a street in San Francisco's Chinatown -- possibly a holiday trip to visit relatives. Photograph by Arnold Genthe.

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Boxing Match on a Ship With Spectators Wearing Masks

Boxing match on the U.S.S. Siboney's forecastle, while she was at sea in the Atlantic Ocean, transporting troops to or from France in 1918-1919. Spectators are wearing masks as a precaution against the spread of influenza.

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A Street Car Conductor Not Allowing Passengers Aboard Without a Mask

Street car conductor in Seattle not allowing passengers aboard without a mask. (1918)