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Liam ♥ please comment if u want more of the other boys (I love zayn and I ve been pinning a lot of him and I want u guys to be happy about this board:);))


Taylor Swift: (this was requested on another pin so do not hate me and this is not meant to hurt anyone) I never lived Taylor to begin with. She always seemed like the "gossip girl". And no her dating Harry Styles did not affect my opinion about her. need to stop doing this to me! FANGIRL DOWN!

Oh my goodness!!! Haha I just love Liam!!!!! He is amazing!!!!! ❤ How can you not love him? I mean really?

Liam Payne. He reminds me of my friend Kevin who is pretty gosh darned attractive ♥

Liam>>>>> I hate how I see harry photos and people are like fangirl down the feels I'm dying . And Liam it's just like Liam . Why don't we express our love for him .


Hey Liam, wanna tell Harry to get a haircut too ;) lol<<<<< repining for that comment! Lol XD