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Matching Notches: Copying A Favorite Garment


Copy Your Favorite Tee

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Tutorial Copy

Copy Your Favorite Tee - from Threads, who you can always count on foe correct & detailed instructions.

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make a pattern from your favorite garments

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How to put a garment together.


Copying Complex Garments

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Copying Complex

Make a pattern from an existing garment. Even if your garment has lots of shaping and unusual pieces, making a pattern from it is straightforward—and doesn't require taking the garment apart.


Copying Complex Garments

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D'Ga Fencing

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Making a pattern from a complex garment without taking it to pieces (Pic: The 1940s original jacket)


Copying Complex Garments

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Copying Complex Garments - maybe this will help me recreate my absolute favourite dress!

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Berlin Models

An easy way to copy your favourite clothes/ copy patterns from existing garments

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Patternmaking - Copy a favorite blouse

Bloglovin’from Bloglovin’

Order of garment construction. (Sew Country Chick- DIY fashion and style)

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Order of garment construction.

The Sewing Rabbitfrom The Sewing Rabbit

Fabric Shops you Oughta Know

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Some of our favorite on-line fabric shops to haunt

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Cuff. You could extend the concept to make a matching collar.

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Sewing 16

how to copy industrial sewing methods-Copying processes #5

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L J S Sewing

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how to copy industrial sewing methods-Copying processes #3


Boning- Not just for Corsets

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Copy Cat

Want to whip up a garment but no commercial sewing pattern on hand? Copy an existing garment in your closet instead. You can do this! If you benefit from this video, please click on the advertising to the right, if interested, to help support the free content in this video.


Copying Complex Garments

Pinning Garment

Garment Making

Cutting Pattern

Pattern Making

Padded Surface

Covered Padded

Paper Beneath

Copy Garments

Paper Covered

Copying a favorite article of clothing - the copying process involves pinning garment sections flat to a paper-covered padded surface, and tracing each seam by poking through the seam and the paper beneath with a needle, or next to it with a pencil if it’s on an edge, leaving a row of holes in the paper.

Craftsyfrom Craftsy

Learn How To Make Jeans That Fit in: Jean-ius! A Craftsy Sewing Class

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Sewing Jeans Pattern

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Make endless copies of your favorite jeans without taking them apart. Couturier Kenneth D. King teaches his amazing class Jean-ius!, full of professional techniques. Click:

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How to make your own pattern from a ready-made garment

Melly Sewsfrom Melly Sews

Blazer pattern making tutorial, Rub off patterning

Sewing Patterns Blazer

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Women Blazer Pattern

Diy Blazer Pattern Jackets

Jacket Dyi

Easy Jacket Sewing Pattern

Boys Blazer Pattern

Mens Jacket Pattern

Mens Clothing Patterns

How to clone your garment / pattern-making