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  • Courtney C

    Chronic illness cat. Chronic pain.

  • Carolyn Church

    "You're obsessed with your illness" I know right? It's almost like it impacts *every part of my life* | Chronic Illness Cat Rheumatoid Arthritis

  • Olivia Newland

    chronicillnesscat: [Image: 6-piece blue colored background with a Siamese cat with blue eyes. Text reads: “Call to make doctor’s appointment. Receptionist asks for reasons for appointment. Where to begin?”] Every single time… I love you chronic illness cat.

  • Tracey Falconbridge

    Chronic Illness Cat | I'm still surprised all the time that i'm not dying because it feels like it Enough said! #Lupus #Fibromyalgia #MS #ME #RA #Cancer #PCOS #chronicfatigue #chronicpain #chronicillness .......

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migraine art ... A picture speaks 1000 words. When I get migraines sometimes I see lights around my eye socket that look like this, even when my eyes are closed.

An Open Letter to People Without Migraine -- seriously ... i feel horrible that I used to think these things ... until I started getting migraines 6 years ago! Awful, painful, debilitating disease!

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