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“When your friend is about to give you the lowdown on all the gossip”

(KO) Pardon me madam. Are you the proprietor of this dwelling? Are you in need of a good mouser? I am a homeless kitten. I will take care of rodents for you if you will pick me up and kiss my head and cuddle me, then give me a bowl of warm milk and some crunchy treats. I need a Mommy.

You know the story of the white wolf and the black wolf.... I like to think this is my white wolf "Ah yes, feed me more!" And my black wolf "Eh why bother, she isn't going to feed me anyway."

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"When I grow up I mean to be a lion large and fierce to see. I'll mew so loud that Cook in fright will give me all the cream in sight." --Oliver Herford

The Siamese cat is often thought of as being one of the more high-maintenance cat breeds, and it is true that this exotic, vocal feline can be rather demanding! The Siamese cat likes nothing more than spending lots of time with their favourite person.