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    OMG! So sad...I'm traumatized. LOL


    I'm annoyed at the fact that you are not annoyed by how annoying you are.

    seriously laughed out loud


    sometimes things just make me laugh really hard

    Baha! To THAT one person that shows up in each class that just has to put in their ignorant two cents haha. Get outta here, ain't nobody got time for that.

    Unfortunately, I know him!!

    BAHAHA at least!

    I would never to that to my neighbors, but it's still funny.

    I Hope Your Birthday Is As Gangster. ...


    Too funny

    I literally just laughed out loud!

    ...and shit.




    And, the horse you rode in on and any horse that look like that horse.

    Do you know what sexual position produces the ugliest children? Go ask your mother.