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"With full video of his statement. At no time did he mention the threats aimed at Zimmerman nor did he call for law and order. Please read/share everywhere." -Joe Newby

Dan Rather is sounding the alarm and we would do well to listen and then take action: Now is a time when none of us can afford to remain seated or silent. We must all stand up to be counted.  HIstory will demand to know which side were you on....

Dick Cheney, Asshole of the Day for February 26, 2014 By The Daily Edge  You know he’s a Dick. But as he can’t help reminding us, he’s also an Asshole.  In an interview on Monday with Fox News, Cheney said that President Obama would: “much rather spend money on Food Stamps than on a strong military or support for our troops.” Cheney was slammed immediately for ignoring the fact that many of our current troops rely on Food Stamps—$100 million-worth were ...

What a moron! Sitting here listening to Trumps news conference and all the things he is saying are NOT what he has said months ago. I have heard him say months ago that he thought the minimum wage was to high. He is changing his tune after listening to what Hillery has been saying. This man is a real idiot...don't care how much money he has.

Why can't they give her her due? Would they lie about someone in their church like this? It's hard to believe the sincerity of people who can turn their "Christianity" on and off like a faucet...

Gun running. There is the truth. This is why our government lied. They lied to keep their dirty secret. They let these men die to keep their covert actions from the American people. Want more of this? I don't. I am voting for Trump. We will know everything he does from day one. M.W. 10/22/16

DID YOU CATCH THE PRESIDENT'S U.S. GEOGRAPHY FAIL ON LENO TUESDAY? -- ...The president was talking about deepening our ports along the Gulf, and yet he only referenced cities along the Atlantic Ocean coastline. Eagle-eyed Blaze Radio host Joe Pags caught the screw-up and posted it on Twitter (@JoeTalkShow): [...] 08/07/13