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Eagle On Ice Canvas Print / Canvas Art by James Geddes

Eagle on Ice : (©)

Divine spirit, chief of all the creatures in the air, the primary servant of the sun. Powerful in battle, the eagle protects the people from evil. Eagle medicine attributes include clear vision and soaring spirit. The eagle is associated with success, prosperity and wealth. In the Zuni Tradition, the Eagle symbolizes the direction Up.

Once in a lifetime shot as it catches a snake! By - Miu Anthony Kwok, from Iryna-

This jaw-dropping action shot of an Austrain Bald Eagle was taken while the eagle was attempting to land during crosswinds. (photo by: Sitzwohl Bernhard)

Eagle / STEEL BISON Eagle in flight over Canyon. #Raptor #BirdsofPrey #BirdofPrey #Bird of Prey #LIFECommunity