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Toned Spring Color Palette (Soft Spring)

Toned Spring Color Palette (Soft Spring)

Light Spring

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I am a burnished winter so I should be wearing the deeper blues, reds, pinks and greens from the bottom left of the circle.

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New flexible system! Seven tonal directions. Individual sets of palettes. Palettes with all your colors to face and additional ones for creating very easy color combination of clothing, shoes and accessories. wp-content uploads 2017 02 Farbtypen_4er_introk-750x750.jpg

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Great simple table of the 4 main color groups = my experience is you can successfully wear all of the warm colors whether labeled warm/light warm or spring/autumn.same for cool/light cool or summer/winter. Reminder: I'm in the cool color palette.

Colour Analysis Part 2: A Complete Guide to Your Colours. 12 types of color palettes.

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