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Radial Q4 ™ Ecualizador semiparamétrico - Serie 500 Audio

Equipped within a Sterling Modular console are compressors, equalizers, and converters that include new and vintage Manley, Crane Song, Symetrix, Orban, AudioArts, Universal Audio, Dorrough, and ADR.

Focusrite Red3, Roland Space Echo, Maestro Echoplex, Pendulum Audio OCL-2, 2xFocusrite ISA 110, UA LA-3, 2x UA 1176LN, EMI TG 1 Limiter, API 2500, 2xEmpirical Labs EL8 Distressor, 2x CL 7200, Alesis Masterlink 4, 2xEMI TG 2, Neve?, TC Electronic?, Lexicon?, Roland? API Lunchbox

If you miss those boxy yet aesthetically pleasing handmade audio recording devices that used to be the norm decades ago, the Locomotive Audio should give you that nostalgia fix without compromising performance!

Cylonix and Intellijel have collaborated to bring you a very sophisticated and deeply complex Wavetable VCO. At the core of this module is very powerful FPGA board that he has pushed to the absolute max of its capabilities and crammed full of features. We wanted to create a module that really worked well in the modular context so there are a lot of modulation and control possibilities.