Your Relationship With Your Roommate Told by Spongebob - The Odyssey Online

Why is this so funny to me. Just why.

SpongeBob and Squidward

i laughed more than I should have


Squidward Tentacles <3



invisible spaghetti, that's one way to think of it!!


Hahahaha!! Laughed a little too much at this

OMG hahahahaha


The grouchy Squidward. YES! I am squidward......

Glitter punch

I know Kristen Stewart/Twilight jokes are kinda old and unfunny now....but this one still made me giggle

Do as Madea would - pour hot grits over his head, beat him with the pan, then call the po-po! Halleluyer!

One poster said: To all the people I have written off in my life because you are toxic and unhealthy for me. Especially the ex...*WORD*

wouldn't it be lovely if you could actually say this to rude customers? that would be the dream.

spongebob and squidward