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Ginseng chicken Longevity soup | Asia Food Recipe

Chinese Apple Herbal Soup Ingredients

silkie, or black chicken in asia market. Common used in traditional chinese medicine as soup based

Chinese chicken soup-so easy in a pressure cooker!

Double-boiled American Ginseng Chicken Soup

Chicken, Longan and Burdock Soup (Blood Pressure)

Traditional Chinese Medicinal Tonic Soup. A TCM practitioner may determine that you may have ‘damp-heat rising’ or you are ‘kidney yin deficient’ or that you lack fire etc. A tonic soup may be suggested as a warming food and limiting cooling foods etc. A strengthening tonic soup would be prescribed to nourish each element. The herbs would help balance the body’s Qi.

Chinese Winter Melon 'Slow Fire' Soup ~ 冬瓜老火汤 -12 cups of water -1 winter melon, skin removed and cut into wedges -3/4 cup worth of dried scallops 干贝, rinsed quickly -1 free range chicken, skin removed -5 red dates, seeds removed -Sliced green onions, for garnish (optional) -2 inches worth of dried Chinese Smoked Yunnan Ham(云南火腿)

<p>It has been a long while since I had bak kut teh, and I miss it so much. I spent close to two years in Malaysia and it was one of my many favorite Malaysian food. I used to have this all the time from the night market with my …</p>

Chinese Herbs Ingredients for Chinese Herbal Black Chicken Soup.