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Name: Joey Age: 25 Country: The Netherlands Name of cats: Binkie and Snoes Favorite color: Black Best memory: Kissed by a giraffe Music: Metal - Power Metal - Black Metal - Symphonic Metal - Melodic Death Metal Favorite Animals: Cats - Dogs - Lions -...

I'm unable to keep up with my blog, save the occasional reblog, as I'm struggling to pay for university. I'm sorry for letting people down, but I need to keep myself mentally and physically stable. If you ever need advice, download VENT. It's a lovely...

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She Was Brave and Strong (Live Life Happy)

Deep Quote: She was brave and strong and broken all at once. – Anna Funder The post She Was Brave and Strong appeared first on Live Life Happy.

I think it's so sad how our generation misses so much of what's happening around them because they're too busy with technology, life would be so much better if everyone put down their phones and treasured memories in their head rather than with selfies

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Newt- Subject A5 The Glue The boy who CRIED Was the one who TRIED He had to FIGHT The most to SURVIVE He seemed so FINE But lost his MIND The Crank that DIED The Glue had DRIED . Newt