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I've pinned this already but idc and it's just so fucking mindblowing

and you get chills because you literally hear everything

Yeah like when I hear a song I’ve listen to and I notice one more thing and I’m like YESSSSS

Dude!!>>>>I don't know where to pin this.....AAAAAAAHHHH (that was me fangirling)

Best fucking concert eva<--- I lost it at the Dan and Phil part

And just the fact its freaking "MARK HOPPUS" man. <<And then FOB just saves rock n Roll why they all break up like what

I'd be in Patrick's class all day. Can he actually teach every class? Him and the rest of FOB? That'd be perfect

Wow imagine Jack and Alex teaching gym.<<<imagine those random school assembles with guest speakers are now guest performances of other bands

Even though I'm actually quite good at remembering the song titles and understands  the lyrics

This is so ridiculously accurate. I could listen to the first 2 seconds of a Fall Out Boy song and sing the whole thing, but there is a very small chance that I will be able to tell you the name

All over rated pop stars apart for justin beaver. He just.. Whines. BAND MEMBERS FUCKING ROCK!

All over rated pop stars apart for justin beaver.>>> Beaver lol this is not the fucker dreams catcher

Fallen angels

: Our emo "crappy" "scary " music Saves lives and teaches us to be kind and loving: their music teaches them to be judgments of other people and how to have " swag" news flash "swag" won't get you through life<<so true