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So Brendon Urie is pretty much perfect, okay.

Brendon Urie I love how all these guys are grammar freaks I mean thank you the world needs more people like that>> I love Brendon LOL

dont appreciate the cussing but too accurate not to pin...

1 One Direction 2 Fall Out Boy 3 Black Veil Brides 4 Panic At Disco!

Gerard, Pete, Patrick, Brendon, and Billie Joe

Gerard, Pete, Patrick, Brendon, and Billie Joe<<<< *shivers*


luckiest person ever. they got to not just meet mcr, but throw up on gee's shoes, and get a sprite from mikey, and get patted on the head by ray!

This is one of the many many reasons I love Brendon and I apologize for calling him Brandon when I was a not emo

Lol yeah I mean he is basicly Satan just in an adorable form that lures you in so he can murder you with his music>>>>I think this is why people paint us emos as Satanic.

Same Patrick,same

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Honestly MCR fans are such assholes I hate Justin but if you're sick you shouldn't go to a show Frank could have made his condition worse you inconsiderate fucks

My Chemical Romance ~ Frank Iero is just amazing don't hate on me but I have never listened to any of their songs all the way through but this is why Justin Bieber Sucks!

Okay I'm dead lol

Once I saw a post & the person thought that the thing said penny Brendons. peNNY BRENDONS<<<<<im crying. Why is that so funny?

Ya, atthe isn't even a word, duh!

Sleeping with Sirens^^^Falling in Reverse^^^Motionless in white^^^Black Veil Brides, Mayday Parade concert, We the Kings, Crown the Empire.definitely missing black veil brides up there.

My grades are moderate, but I have no life now

Well it was in like grade and now I'm in high school but I can't say I have horrible grades Lol people feel like slapping me when I say my 5 A's and 2 B's are terrible .