If you want MORE for LESS MONEY: this set is part of the MASSIVE GEOMETRY BUNDLE: Set of 60 (61 actually :-) sacred geometry objects in line-art style. Suitable as spiritual symbol or

A new book explores the physical and chemical reasons behind incredible visual structures in the living and non-living world

Infinity — How does infinity relate to time? Is time infinite? "What is today, but yesterday's tomorrow?" - Mr. Krabs

Maria Sibylla Merian captivated Europeans with her studies of insects, only to later have her work largely dismissed. Now, her findings are being celebrated again.

Sacred Geometry Overview:: Five Platonic Solids. A review of the fundamentals of sacred geometry.. . Platonic Solids • Flower of Life • Fibonacci Number • Torus • Metatron's Cube • Nassim Haramein • The Connected Universe.. .

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