"Scripture Power" (song) cake walk. Explained that learning the song would be a piece of cake! Used wrapped Little Debbie cakes as the prizes. Put these in a circle around the whole room. We sang the song as children walked when the song was over whoever was standing on Captain Moroni (not pictured) won. Great for song repetition.

This is a simple review game that you can do for singing time!!! Here's a link for the game pieces from one of our favorite blogs! You ...

Song teaching kits - give each class a kit for a phrase of the song and have them figure out how to teach the rest of the primary that phrase.

Review Idea by Kristyn Erickson: I made 8 Mr. Potato Heads, one for each song, and enough "face pieces" to outfit each of them. Then the kids "earned" each piece by singing the songs well. They earned eyes by watching me stand and seat them and by watching me during the songs / not visiting with neighbors. They earned noses by getting the words "right on the nose". They earned mouths by singing in their best voices. They earned ears by singing loudly but not shouting.

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