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    Heinz | Tomato Ketchup Print ad

  • Sylvie Luk

    » Heinz Ketchup advertising/design goodness – advertising and design blog: The best ads designs and sometimes the worst around the globe.

  • Anthony Fernandez

    2. Graphic Design also helps convey an image or branding of many companies and brands today. This example of Heinz Ketchup shows a creative image of how their signature ketchup is very much made up of bright red and delicious tomatoes.

  • Johnson Kautzer

    Great ad for Heinz ketchup, obviously suggesting that their brand of ketchup is full of tomatoes. It's a simple ad with a simple slogan, but since they are so well-known, they don't need much to get people to buy their #funny commercial #commercial ads #funny commercial ads #funny ads #interesting ads|

  • Silentz Studio

    #graphicdesign #graphicdesigner This Heinz ad is effective because it shows that there is a natural taste from the natural tomatoes that is in the ketchup. The target audience is to any ketchup users. It is persuasive because there physically is a tomato within the bottle.

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