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  • Steph Dobson

    clean garbage disposal: run hot water for a minute, pour about 1/4 cup baking soda in the drain, flip on for 2 seconds, leave alone for 10-15 minutes, follow with 1 cup vinegar, watch bubbles erupt out of your drain, rinse with very hot water and run your garbage disposal for 5 seconds.

  • Brittany Fleer

    freshen garbage disposal

  • Susan Weaver

    garbage disposal clean. Start by running hot water through your garbage disposal for a minute. Pour about 1/4 c. baking soda into the drain. Flip the garbage disposal on for 2 seconds, just to whirl the baking soda inside, and then leave it alone for 10-15 minutes. Follow with 1 c. of vinegar. Watch the bubbles erupt out of your drain. (Yay!) Rinse through one last time with very hot water and run your garbage disposal for 5 seconds.

  • Liliana Lopez

    ~I've done this in the bathroom. IT WORKS!~ The baking soda and hot water treatment will loosen up any grimy sludge that’s hanging out at the bottom of your drain, and the explosive chemical reaction with the vinegar will jolt it all loose. Then one final super hot-water rinse will make all the bad stuff go bye-bye.

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Keep Your Garbage Disposal Running Fresh and Clean . . . Naturally!

For a smelly sink or mainly the smelly garbage disposal, pour 1-1.5 cups bleach down the drain while running hot water and the garbage disposal. Next put a half capsule of purex crystals in the garbage disposal (while running water and disposal) this sanitizes, kills the smell and makes it smelling fresh again :)

Two Ingredients -DIY Disposal Cleaner Ingredients: 1/2 cup lemon juice1/2 cup baking soda -Directions: Heat lemon juice in microwave for 30 seconds. Add baking soda slowly (it will bubble) and mix well. Turn on the disposal and pour down the drain. Turn on hot water for a few seconds to rinse away any mix remaining in the sink or the bowl. Use weekly. If disposal still has a bad odor, repeat.

Deodorize the garbage disposal. Disposals collect all sorts of little chunks of food that can sit and smell up your house. Deodorize it by pouring in 1/2 cup baking soda and 1/2 cup hot white distilled vinegar. Heat the vinegar in the microwave before you pour it in the disposal. Let sit for 5 minutes then run hot water down the disposal for 1 minute to rinse it all out.

Keep Your Garbage Disposal Running Fresh and Clean . . . Naturally!One Good Thing by Jillee | One Good Thing by Jillee

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Running Your Garbage Disposal

This seems like the most comprehensive plan to clean the garbage disposal! Baking soda AND vinegar AND ice AND lemons AND a toothbrush.

kitchen sink deodorizer. put half box of baking soda into drain, then pour vinegar on top,let it bubble and leave for 30(ish) minutes, then rinse with scalding hot water. no more stinky drain!