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The Kalash are fascinating. Kalash people are a non-Muslim aboriginal minority living on the fringes of northern Pakistan, the only ones not following the religion in all of Pakistan. Their genetic makeup is so pure and distinct, that they are unlike other human races, thanks to their evolving DNA and rare alleles. Their isolation have helped them to preserve their culture. Even more interesting, most don't look Caucasian like this girl, but their gene pool creates great variation.

My Bohemian World  Beautiful women of Kalash, who legend says are part-fairy and part-human because of their ethereal beauty. Local people say the Kalash woman can make a man lose his religion. As the story goes, when a Kalash woman drinks water, you can see it streaming down her throat. Yet they are considered impure in their own community; they are also called whiter than the white.” Sources: article here and photo here.

Before teaching at a French school for girls, Emilie Sagee had taught at 18 different schools and had been fired from each one because of the strange events that seemed to follow her. Emilie Sagee had the incredible power of being seen at two places at once. Students would often report seeing her in class with other students claiming they had seen her walking down the hall at the same time. On one occasion, as she taught with her back to her students, her doppelganger appeared beside…

Lost child of the Titanic and the fraud that haunted her family

"Lost child of the Titanic and the fraud that haunted her family. DNA tests have helped solve what has been called the Titanic's last mystery." - The Telegraph #titanic #dna

Pyramids of Visoko in Bosnia. First is the highest and largest in the world but even more ancient even than the pyramids of Egypt.Secondly, because this pyramid was built by the Illyrians and the base material used was concrete, demonstrating that 12 350 years ago, when it was built this pyramid, Illyrian civilization, which belong to the Albanians, has been significantly in advance of the other civilizations.