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  • Michelle Moyers

    Kalash Girl - Northern Pakistan. The culture of Kalash people is unique and differs completely from the various ethnic groups surrounding them.They are the only non-Muslim people in Pakistan. They don't share DNA markers with any other races/peoples and their origins have fascinated anthropologists due to the unusually high frequency of light hair, skin, and eyes (particularly green).

  • Jenni Strand

    So beautiful! Kalash Girl - Northern Pakistan. The Kalash are fascinating. They don't share DNA markers with any other races/peoples, and they are so isolated they have managed to preserve their culture. They're the only non-muslim people in Pakistan. Even more interesting, most don't look caucasian like this girl, but it happens in their gene pool, a lot. Must learn more.

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A beautiful Kalash green-eyed girl from Romboor, Kalash valleys, Chitral, Pakistan.

North Pakistan... I love N Pakistan, coming down the Hunza River Valley from the Taklimikan Dessert in China was the best trip of m life.

The Kalash are indigenous people of the Hindu Kush mountain range, residing in the Chitral district of the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan. Some in the academic community have speculated that the Kalash might be from ancient Middle Eastern populations, an indigenous population from South Asia, or members of Alexander the Great's army. Though often overstated, instances of blond hair or light eyes are not uncommon.

*CANOPIC JAR: found in kv 55 by sergiothirteen. Canopic jars were used by the Ancient Egyptians during the mummification process to store and preserve the viscera of their owner for the afterlife.

Eyes so intense, his feelings abound for them

Kalash Girls from Pakistan NWFP living in chitral small village KALASH GUM yes i am also chitral i give you more information about this people

  • Tina Forrester

    can u please give me information on your culture, the language u use and ur religion Many Thanks.. The picture is beatiful

In the mountains of Pakistan, 6,000 people live who look and sound very different from their neighbors. They claim to have lived in the area for thousands of years and they look European. Many of the Kalash are blond haired and blue eyed, an anomaly in Pakistan! Some believe that they are descendants of Alexander the Great’s army though their true ethnic origins are still unproven. DNA testing has not produced any connection to Greeks, yet it also showed no East or South Asian lineages either.

  • Manon Day

    How fascinating,i've never heard about this race the kalash,their origin backgounds seems to be unclear being such a small ethnic group is rare, advanced scientific DNA research should be conducted.Like all peoples on this earth, they have ancestors/ descendants.To preserve their unique race for the future, they must procreate within themselves to develop generations to come.I wonder what is their language ?This is amazing unknown racial- ethnicity mystery.....

  • Manon Day


  • Shridevi

    Came to know about them just today. Amazing!

  • Eli Parr


  • Manon Day

    Of course not, Being such a rare and small ethnicity group, I think Genetic Specialist should dig deeper to find out their ethnic backgrounds.Their unique race started somewhere in history.....It just need to be discovered & revealed...

Kalash kids, Pakistan

♂ Pakistan Man Portrait. Pelo azul, bandera que se luce por una vida con éxtasis.

Northern Vietnam Lady. A Vietnamese Poem: " Everybody Cries In life, I know that everybody cries. But I’ve never seen a tear from her eyes Since her first breathed breathe, till the last breath dies. Her small story was long and left unclear. I won’t tell, from the rumors I had hear, Not sad but surely made me shed a tear. I learned from this story filled with reddish blue That she did cry, even more than most of you. But tears aren't visible, till you look her through." By- Celine Tran

Women from Kalash, Pakistan | © Abdul Qadir Memon