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I need this !!

Going Camping Soon? Sleeping bag with pants. Because hopping around in a sleeping bag would look ridiculous. HAHAHA this just made me laugh =D

a bag of angry weasels? haha i guess Romans have to let out their sense of humor somewhere.....

a bag of angry weasels? haha i guess Romans have to let out their sense of humor somewhere. Personally I like Camp Jupiter but Camp Half Blood is alot nicer on the rules

OMG I'm dying

You might be a hipster…

You might be a hipster.but you'll never be a hipster spinning thread at a BMW service waiting room kind of cool.

Jajaja no paro de reír

That’s enough internet for today…

they put tights on the dogs it's not like a kid trapped in a dog. This is just so wrong and so funny.

Best group Halloween costume EVER!!! I just can't stop laughing...Jasmine's tat, Snow Whites short skirt and Mulan? OMG!

Best group Halloween costume EVER! I just can't stop laughing.Jasmine's tat, Snow Whites short skirt and Mulan?


Light Bike - I think this is an EXCELLENT idea for anyone who's riding a bike at night - it'll help make them more visible to cars and outlines what they are (i., you know it's a bike cause the outline is shown by the lights)

New way to look at those pesky marks.

Service stripes of Motherhood My girls ask me all the time about my tummy marks. tonight, all three girls were kissing my tummy :)

I'm glad other ppl are just as sarcastic and condescending as I am. Haha <3

Best Hipster Edits

I was dying reading these out loud in my living room, but my roommate does not think any of these are funny. I feel sorry for him and his lack of ability to make fun of hipster pictures.«««lol the lamp one 😂

不謹慎すぎるだろwww on Twitpic

Someones going to hell but it's hilarious! A ticket to Hell has never been funnier Jesus YMCA Funny


Horror Mullet Picture Show

mullets at their finest.business in the front, party in the back.although I don't know any business jobs that would hire someone with a mullet.