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Wart Cure: Apply clear (or colored) polish every day to the affected area; it takes about eight days to do the job. Use a cotton swab to apply it so you don't transfer the fungus to the polish jar

My Story: Three years ago, I noticed my left middle fingernail began turning white instead of its normal healthy pink. I did not know what was going on, but after a few weeks, the entire nail becam...

source of image: KTesh If you want a powerful natural remedy that can combat all types of infections including candida, yeast infections, bacteria, viral infections, flu, bronchi infections etc. Then check out the blog post on the powerful natural antibiotic on earth. It is what i used for my client i wrote about in the …

Fungi Cure Anti-Fungal Treatment, with NailGuard-C, Intensive, Pump Spray, 2 oz. by FUNGI CURE. $12.69. Topical formula. America's No. 1 anti-fungal liquid brand (based on independent syndicated market research 52 weeks data through 11-28-10. Cures finger & toe area fungal infections. Easy pump spray. Works upside down. Instant dry. No odor. No mess. FungiCure Intensive is highly effective in killing fungus on fingers and toes including areas around nails where reachable wi...


15 Glamorous Updos for Short Hair

Toenail Fungal Infection? Add vinegar to foot bath. Unproven but some studies suggest it may inhibit growth of a certain bacteria. Soak feet 15 - 20 min i 1 part vinegar to 2 parts warm water. If skin gets irritated, try soaking only 2-3 times a week, or increase proportion of water in mixture. Unproven but anecdotal reports claim Vick's Vapo Rub works on nail fungus. Apply to infected nail. No consensus on how often. gm

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How to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes

Top 10 home remedies for puffy eyes

Pedesil Max Anti-Fungal Ointment by Pedesil. $25.00. Improvement in 1 week for even the most stubborn symptoms**. Adheres to skin and nails longer for continuous treatment and faster relief. Relieves itching, burning, scaling, discoloration and discomfort. Natural, FDA-registered formula quickly eliminates nail area fungus and athlete's foot. Kills fungus up to 8 times faster than major brands*. Pedesil Anti-Fungal Ointment Max is a unique all-in-one foot and n...

I tell all my patients this at physical therapy! Homemade Ice packs: 1 part rubbing alcohol to 3 parts water, gets really cold, but never hardens so you can manipulate it. every athlete (or mom) should pin this!

VICS Vapor Rub to Cure Nail Fungus Apply Twice Daily and Cover. I used consistently, vapor rub has been shown to get rid of not just the fungus, but the infected toenail, too, which will turn black and eventually fall off. When the new nail grows in, it should be fungus-free.

Gross, but informative - which insect makes which bite mark and how to treat bites. Good to know momma's!!

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17 Life-Changing Ways to Make Your Manicure Last Longer

Use a cotton swab to wipe down your nails with white vinegar before applying basecoat.

Vitamin B12 deficiency will cause your brain to shrink, you may lose memory or experience confusion. One indication that you might be deficient is the appearance of lines or ridges on your fingernails and/or the disappearance of the moons at the bottoms of your fingernails. Methylcobalamin is the bioactive form, so look on your label to make sure you have that form of B12. Also, watch your peripheral neuropathy start to ease with B12, it is nerve food!

DIY matte nail polish... Get this ladies...! Use those itty-bitty corners of eye shadow that we never wear and crush them up, or take your broken eye shadow and mix with clear nail polish. Apply to nail and VOLIA! MATTE polish ;)

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Stunning Nail Tutorials for Summer 2014

Pretty as a Peacock Nails Tutorial How to do : Step 1 : After applying your base color, apply a thin layer of base coat. Step 2 : apply color lines of various thickness and spacing. Step 3 : Use a thin nail art brush to “pull” the color lines to your desired direction.