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More and more men sport long hairstyles lately and women adore mens long hairstyles! In our gallery you will find the images of 45 Long Hairstyles for Men that

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Leirgon/Liin Tsexin- god of winter and resilience. Lover of Varyas [The Black Crowned by Lugas]

Buh-bye, blackheads

6 Supersatisfying Ways to Treat Clogged Pores

Make her eyebrows a little less frowny, lighten her hair a bit and have her smiling, and she'd be Song Violetheart.

By Ben Duggan

((Fc Jordy Baan)) "Hey, jm Jordan but people call me Jordy. I'm a male model, 20 and single" I wink while smirking. "Anyway's I've been modeling all my life and, well that's it. Don't be shy"

Vyse Amíel

Dark, curly hair and freckles. Expression lines etched into the face that must've once been happy.

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