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Girl In A Pink Cardigan (1977), Marjaana Kella  From the series ‘Reversed’

Marjaana Kella, Girl In A Pink Cardigan, 1977

❁[Ane of The Wild Hunt]❁

Pink flamingo sunglasses

see the world through GLITTERY PINK flamingo glasses and your whole life will change. FOR ONE THING, YOU’LL be wearing glittery pink flamingo glasses. doesn’t get much doper than that.

Shot By Ryan Kenny

missing short hair.

The Society S/S 16 Polaroids/Portraits , (Polaroids/Digitals), yuka mannnami

nwfcs: Yuka Mannami (The Society) Asian Black hair Bangs

Stickers in the hair, don't care

still life prop = stickers

pink pins.

neon Coral kind of day


hair, girl, and grunge resmi

Chinatzu; 17, Japenese, bisexual, in a relationship with Helena. She's artistic and filled with wanderlust.

nothing lasts forever

Nice glasses


A groovy hair cut from HotHead

bob hair | Tumblr

I want my hair shorterrr

Blanc Pâle

Two color stockinette


dolorès doll, paris by agatha a.

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen

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Dyed Pink Hair And Dark Eyes: Character Inspiration



Silver blue hair

Photographer Agnes Lloyd-Platt for Ally Capellino