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Top 24 Horse Pictures Ever

A Grulla color can be mouse, blue, dove or slate colored, with dark sepia to black points. Grulla (pronounced grew-yah) has no white hairs mixed in the body hairs. Grulla horses have the dorsal and shoulder stripes, and leg barring I think he is BEAUTIFUL

Liver Chestnut Roan. Same thing as a red roan only the red (chestnut) is a liver instead of a simple red tone. It's believed there is a modifier that is yet to be identified that says whether a horse will be a "simple" chestnut or a "liver" chestnut. Some believe sooty on chestnut causes the liver look.

Blue Roan Paint. *drooooool* so freaking pretty I cannot stand myself. I've always had a soft spot for blue roans...

Blue Roan Draft Horse running in the snow.