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【ネコ好き必見】必殺拳炸裂!?ポーズがカッコイイ猫の写真集「のら猫拳」 | ADB

【ネコ好き必見】必殺拳炸裂!?ポーズがカッコイイ猫の写真集「のら猫拳」 | ADB

This man has raised this lion for about 15 years. Animal protection rules claim now that the lion is released. So the two of them say goodbye, giving each other a good ol' hug :) This picture really shows the true affection between human and animal, and it deserves loads of LIKES!!! :) Dieser Mann hat diesen Löwen 15 Jahre lang groß gezogen . Doch jetzt zwingt der Tierschutz , diesen Löwen ins Freie zu lassen . & so verabschieden sich die Zwei mit einer Umarmung *-*

Don't understand how hunting these precious animals is considered sport. Look at this beautiful creature!

I like this picture. And I like that it's a little bear family. How cute is this?