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Jesse is my bitch! #BreakingBad

Ramblings of a Semi-Mad Man: Yeah - Science Bitch!


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Air Force

жизненно =(

Pound class Rockout Workout fitness funny fun exercise meme dance like uma therman

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Boys who cook. <--- Boy who can cook. Boys who cook <--- Boy can

Bingo in da hood - This is my type of bingo baby!!!! MyConfinedSpace

bingo night old people funny - Dump A Day

Breaking Bad....  I was so proud of Walter Jr. / Flynn for stepping up and protecting his Mother .

I Can Do Things Malta.

although she did redeem herself in the latest episode...i still hate her.

Breaking Bad Skyler White meme: "I'm not always a bitch.Just kidding, I always am." The name Skyler is now ruined.

Dr Derek Shepherd...you'll always be my Mc. Dreamy!

Greys Anatomy - McDreamy My best friend & I have both had a thing for Patrick Dempsey since Can't buy me love!

it's only tuesday - Google Search

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My school has some good humor

This is hilarious and all, but that person misspelled "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" and that bothers me.<<I would write I am Groot.