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It's no Aromaster 4085 but still pretty cool

Braun's Classic Coffee Pot Remade for The Jetsons. Industrial design student Richard Wilson of the University of Leeds has transformed the ubiquitous Braun Aromaster with a captivating sci-fi style.

1272880_Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Review: OXO Cold Brew Coffee Maker

best coffee maker ever

Without a doubt the best designed coffee maker ever made. Designed by Florian Seiffert for Braun in it was immedi.

Designed by world champion barista Tim Wendelboe, the Wilfa Precision reflects the simple yet state-of-the-art brew technology of Norway’s avid coffee culture.

Wilfa Precision Coffee Maker

The shape is interesting, but overall this looks like it belongs in a dentist's office. And I wonder how practical a dedicated water line is... | Alban le Henry / coffee maker, 2009

tea kettle - There’s little reason to accept that certain processes have to be wasteful, which is something the ‘Ferv’ Tea Kettle by Abidur Ch.

Wilfa Precision Coffee Maker | Williams-Sonoma

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Learn how to make perfect iced coffee at home, in today's Gadget DuJour

An Über-Cool Cold Coffee Dripper

Rare Martian Coffee Machine from the mid-1950s.  Made by Giordano Robbiati

Rare Martian coffee machine from the Most likely made by Giordano Robbiati, the machine features parts from his Atomic coffee makers. Via sorrentinacoffee