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Funeral Traditions in Zambia

Funeral Traditions in the Netherlands - The entrance to a beautiful cemetery in Baarn in the Netherlands

Thailand Funeral Traditions

Funeral Traditions in Angola On Hold for Civil Unrest - Angola is twice the size of Texas and today has the fastest growing economy in Africa. This capital city, Luanda, will hopefully benefit from the diamond mines and oil wells that are spurring the economy

Funeral Traditions in Italy - With limited grave spaces available families are using mausoleums to bury their dead

Hindu Funeral Ceremonies - The funeral pyres in the form of a lemu or bull are set on fire in one part of a Hindu cremation ceremony

Many places in the south you can only see wide open country much better than one skyrise building after another

South Korea Funeral Traditions - Three days after the corpse is buried, food is placed on the grave as an offering and is done once a year afterwards

"Well, I wouldn't take nothin' for my journey now, I'm gonna make it to Heaven somehow, Though the Devil tempts me and tries to turn me around. He's offered everything that's got a name, All the wealth I want and worldly fame, But if I could still I wouldn't take nothin' for my journey now."

Maryland Embalming House. Sign reads: "Andrew J. Grimes & Sons - Gen. Merchandise - Undertakers - Funeral Directors & Embalming"

6000 year old kiss. Hasanlu, Iran. ~ One of my favorite pictures!

A beautiful Jewish tradition of leaving a rock or small stone on the grave instead of flowers. The rock lasts so much longer.