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    Miss you daddy

    ♥ GRIEF SHARE: Plantation United Methodist Church, 1001 NW 70 Avenue, Plantation, FL 33313. (954) 584-7500. ♥ ...


    I will never forget the moment they told me your heart had stopped. Even though mine broke in that second, it strangely kept beating.

    I wish I could believe this. Things used to seem so simple but I was naive.

    Every 5th grader in my school was taught this and the lucky were chosen for flag duty - raising and lowering the flag each day and folding the flag for the next day.

    "My mind is still having trouble wrapping itself around the fact that you are gone."By Katherine Mullin -article on grief

    "Though here at journey's end I lie in darkness buried deep, beyond all towers strong and high, beyond all mountains steep. Above all shadows rides the sun and stars for ever dwell: I will not say the day is done, nor bid the stars farewell" -Lord of the Rings - Sam's Song

    Thank you veterans.///at Thermopylae the Tribute says "Go tell the Spartans, ye stranger passing by. That here according to Their law, We Lie."

    Dear Ancestor...

    Victorian Funeral Card, 1913


    Good quotes on grief and death. So beautifully solemn~

    Little boy being held up by posing stand... the girl is blurry which makes me believe she is alive due to her moving - The purpose of the posing stand was to keep the posers fixed and in position because of the time it took to take the photographs. The subject is placed in front of the camera. If necessary, the pose is held with the assistance of adjustable head rests, clamps and posing stands.

    Because of strict mourning rituals, when a woman was in mourning, she couldn’t wear or display anything bright or flashy — even shiny pins keeping her clothing together. So women would use these mourning pins to button their clothes. The pins resemble thin black nails.

    Peaceful be thy silent slumber, peaceful in thy grave so low; thou no more will join our number, thou no more our sorrows know. Yet again we hope to meet thee, when the day of life is fled, and in heaven with joy to greet thee, where no farewell tears are shed. Omar Cemetery Attica, Ohio

    Victorian era ~ mourning brooches ~ the faces you see, are those, that have "crossed.over"

    It was once popularly believed that if a person died and their eyes remained open, they were looking for someone to take with them to their final destination. This was usually assumed to be someone within the family of the deceased person. To prevent this from happening, the British would close the eyes of the dead person and place two pennies on the eyelids to prevent the eyes from opening again. In Greek mythology, a coin was placed in the deceased’s mouth to pay the ferryman to take their ...

    Fairview Cemetery near Greensburg, Kansas. The sexton had to replace the glass after the Greensburg tornado. Local Legend has it that when the glass broke the doll WALKED OUT, wandered aimlessly for miles, BOUGHT SOUVENIRS AT BETO JUNCTION, and returned just in time for the grave repair. If you go to this grave at midnight on a full moon and say "Baby Doll" 3 times you will either be given a BETO junction souvenir, or eaten by Wild Prairie Children. BEWARE!!

    We Remember Them...

    Marker- Grave Robber Safe.


    Keaton Henson.....

    Dying Into Now - Pablo Nerunda

    Image detail for -Death Quotes: A unique collection of Quotes About Death and Dying.