How to restore a shattered compact!

a comprehensive, detailed makeup routine (that's well organized) that you can customize for yourself

DIY Cellulite Scrub ½ Cup of Fresh Ground Coffee ¼ Cup of Sea Salt ¼ Cup of Brown Sugar ¼ Cup of Sweet Almond Oil or Olive Oil

Summer time feet- 1. Put shaving cream on your feet. 2. In a bucket/sink, combine equal parts warm water & Listerine. 3. Soak a hand towel in the Listerine solution. 4. While shaving cream is still on feet wrap the towel around your feet & let sit for 30 min. 5. After 30 min., use towel to rub calloused/dead skin off your feet. 6. Apply a healthy amount of lotion.

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Pretty Pink Lip Makeup For more style n makeup ideas Click on

Need ideas for being bridesmaid, and I really like these eyes - should be striking enough for wedding photos.


MAC shadows.....

Pretty natural softness

For brown and hazel eyes. Inspiration for dance competition/recital (after some age-appropriate tweaks for younger dancers so it isn't quite so heavy). FYI - the link to the video doesn't show this look, but it's another earth toned eye makeup video that could also work for dance.

contouring the face

How to fix a broken nail. Awesome!

31 really good make-up secrets. Pin now, read later. (read them all, and they're good!) - Click image to find more Hair & Beauty Pinterest pins

7 ways to look gorgeous without makeup!

nude smokey eye

Makeup and Skin Care

Here is a quick and easy tutorial for DIY Homemade Makeup Remover Pads. 5 ingredients and less than 20 minutes and they work even better than store brands.

beauty brush and face powder

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