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  • Kristen Miller

    River Sink - design idea!

  • Breanna Burdett

    a river sink! can also be filled with ice for for kitchen island... Basement bar idea

  • Sidneyncorey

    interior design, home decor, kitchen, sinks, river sink

  • Ashley Dickinson

    a river sink! can also be filled with ice for for kitchen island. My dream house would totally have this!

Ideas, Rivers Sinks, S'Mores Bar, Dreams House, Basements Bar, Rivers T-Shirt, Kitchens Islands, Design, Kitchens Sinks

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love the white rectangular shelves with splashes of color in the background "des touches de bleu turquoise"

I would love one of these library style card cabinets for a coffee table or a console table

OK so maybe some of the decor is a little too "What's Eating Gilbert Grape." But of course the owners of Brooklyn's Moon River Chattel have an amazing second home. Looking at photos of it fuels a silly fantasy where I buy a derelict old place and fix it up myself with whimsical touches here and there ... Alas, I haven't a DIY bone in my body let alone the patience needed for such a project. Still, a girl can dream.

when i have nice laundry room someday I want a wash bin like this

January 14th 2013 Green Idea # 14-Turn the running water off in your bathroom is one most simple green life style tips. Turn if off when you are brushing your teeth, or shaving your legs, wash the counter top, scrubbing the bathroom floor. Not only you will save money, but also reduce the waste of the water.

Farmer sink! Ah love it! And copper is naturally antibacterial and easy to care for!

a river sink! can also be filled with ice for parties! For the bar kitchen

kitchen sink with cutting board in front of it. I like the idea but I'm sure it's tough to wash your hands there. Especially if you have young ones :/

Mystic River Sink - can be filled up with ice for parties