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Hilarious and SOO True

someecards- If you don't want to explain it, you probably shouldn't post it for the world to see, then complain why everyone knows your about your pathetic life.so glad i deactivated my account. fb really is a waste of time.


A pinner posted: "I often find myself contemplating if punching you in the face would be worth losing my job. Most days the answer is yes." Is loosing your job worse than losing it?

Quotes: "Oh, honey, you have gone beyond #muffin-top; that's a busted can of biscuits!"

a busted can of biscuits. lol this seriously just made me laugh so hard!

You should stop updating your status because you can't spell.

Yes.few people in mind. and people who say "are" instead of "our" .or "sell" instead of "sale" DRIVES ME NUTS!

I don't have to say it, but we all know it's true

I know some ppl like this. and they know me. Lemme catch one of them trying to roast marshmallows on my fire. I'll give them a BIG HUG so we can roast together.

Here's a list of people on Facebook who want to see the dozens of pictures you took of yourself with your cell phone.

Here's a list of people on FB who want to see the dozens of pictures you took of yourself.


Jehovah’s witnesses don’t celebrate Halloween….I guess they don’t appreciate random people coming up to their doors.

The urge to hate-read people's stupid status updates is too hard to overcome!

My intense desire to unfriend you is outweighed by the enjoyment I feel gawking at the huge trainwreck that is your life.

Über adorable...

You can't blame anyone but yourself. Funny how you tell on yourself for the wrong things you do and then turn around and say you don't know how we know stuff.