Biography book report idea. This is such a cute idea and may help with shyness when giving the "Living Museum" pres.

Biography or character report. LOVE IT! For all of my teacher friends... Money is tight these days.. A very good alternative to dressing up like the person! Would have never thought this idea!

3rd Grade - Language Arts - Students wrote a biography about the person they chose then they made a poster board cut out of that person and read their report to the class.

awesome country poster projects | to fill smaller tri fold posterboard smaller area to cover

Biography Bottles: for a book character, or a historical figure... maybe a good idea for a project?

Cute biography idea

FUN Posters to frame (or not) and hang in your classroom!

I Have a Dream Mobile - printable template, scholastic instructor.

First Signs Poster – Say It In Sign

writing biographies

biography hangers (made of clothes hangers) - the kids might have to do a biography report one day.

20 page Wax Museum Project will help your students create an amazing biography research report on a famous person. The culminating part of the project is a Wax Museum, where students dress up as the person they have learned about and stand “still”, like a Wax Museum, until someone walks up to them and presses the “button” on their backdrop. Then students give a short 3 - 4 sentence speech about that person's life. Great learning experience for kids and good P.R. $

great idea

Hands. Cool beginning of the year project.

Great poster for my class!

Historical Figure / Literary Character Facebook Project - kids create a Facebook page for a famous person (scientist, historian, author) or character in a book they've read. Comes with blank template, an example page, and directions... I'm thinking this is a great substitute activity!

Great for Common Core! Biography report geared towards Elementary or Middle School

Recommended 4th Grade Reading List #homeschool

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Timeline clothespins: This would be so cool to have each student add the famous person's name and the birth year of the person he/she studied. Great discussion starter.