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this one's done so well...take a picture once a week for a year and turn into book

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Baby's 1st Year: What to include in a baby record book. Wow this is amazing, she's done an amazing job, so cool.

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LOVE! Making an alphabet book using your own photos.

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A box for each kid K-12 ... I had a professional organizer at my house (what a treat!) and she suggested this system for pictures and papers, etc. 1st year, 1-2, 2-3, 3-4, pre-K, K, 1st grade - 12th. So simple, but so brillant.

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Site to make Personalized board books. Love these!!

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every baby should have a book like this.





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HA! I'm so taking pictures like this of my future baby.

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On the first day of school take a photo, then the next year hold that photo and take that years photo and so on. Cute!

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Baby monthly pictures | Bethesda, MD Newborn Baby and Family Photographer - Tonya Teran Photography

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Cute pictures of the first year!

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This is a cute one-year-old picture, and I bet the baby would love it!

Apartment Therapyfrom Apartment Therapy

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3 of moms fave books turned into adorable primers? yes.

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Picture when pregnant and then once he/she is here.

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Let's Play! Weekly activities for your baby's first year | BabyCenter

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Capture the memories of baby's first year with a month by month baby photo book. | Shutterfly

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Nice idea to do each month, then print into a book for the first year?

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Brooklyn Limestone: Agatha's First Year Baby Book

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LOVE IT ♥ My favorite quote from my favorite book growing up! <3

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New Baby Musts - Special Days Cheap Ways

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