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Learn to craft herbal medicine at home or in the wild using the folk method. This informative and useful guide provides helpful tips and step-by-step instructions for making tinctures the traditional way.

Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits for Arthritis

Arthritis hand soak - heat apple cider vinegar and water, can add cayenne pepper

How To Make Herbal Sleep & Dream Pillows... Aromatic herbs have long been used to help bring peaceful sleep, enhance dreams and encourage dream memory. Find out what herbs do what, and how you can make simple pillows to evoke peaceful sleep and wonderful dreams at the link above.

Nutritional wisdom nowadays is that whole grains & foods made from whole grains are better for you than anything made with refined white flour. But really, this is only a half-truth.What this mainstream nutritional dogma fails to take into account is that unless grains (along with beans, nuts and seeds) are properly prepared, these “healthy” foods can actually wreak havoc on your health.

DIY: 3 All~Purpose Healing Salve Recipes - they promote natural healing and they have antiseptic properties - via Camp Wander

72 Uses For Simple Household Products To Save Money & Avoid Toxins

on being a working mom

"On Being a Working Mom" via Jones Design Co. Emily's words here are beautiful and needed. And I love her style too!