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Fake gauge earrings ,purple Wood, Organic, Tribal Expander ,Split ,tribal style,hand made,fake piercings XL SIZE

Pastel tribal is here! 15 Most Wanted Boho Tribal iPhone 7 Cases / iPhone 7 Plus Cases and other Phone Cases here >

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Metalwork Earrings, Mixed metal earrings, Rustic Organic Textured Earrings, Tribal Jewelry, Dangle Earrings

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Organic Wood Post Earrings, Tribalstyle, Fake Gauges, Stick Earrings - Ma'ayan Curls Brown

These organic wooden earrings are hand carved from Sono Wood, which is a sustainably harvested wood from northern Java, Indonesia. They measure about 2 in length. The post fits regular size piercings and is made from Sono wood as well. This style of earring is a great alternative for people who have allergies to metals. Each pair will come with 2 extra posts as well. * Handmade for regular pierced ears.

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Pastel Linear Tribal Transparent

Casetify iPhone 7 Plus Case and other Boho iPhone Covers - Pastel Linear Tribal Transparent by Organic Saturation | Casetify

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White Marble Tribal Transparent

Casetify iPhone 7 Plus Case and other Marble iPhone Covers - White Marble Tribal Transparent by Orangic Saturation | Casetify

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Stone Plugs - Dangle Gauges - Boho Plugs - Gauged Earrings - 0g Plugs - Ear Gauges - 2g Plugs - 1/2 Inch Plugs - 5/8 Inch Plugs - 00g Plugs

Feather Plugs 00g (10mm) - Custom Plugs or Tunnels with Wire Wrapped Feathers - Tribal Gauged Dangle Earring Jewelry - MADE TO ORDER

urbandon: URBAN TRIBAL JEWELLERY. I like the simplicity of it - and the looping of the cord and tie on the ring is just a simple detail different from the usual

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