multiple flipped ponies

Seems easy enough


Must attempt this, im sure i will FAIL, epically.

Cool braid

To get this beautiful pinned half updo, follow this step-by-step hair tutorial. It's a pretty style to wear to your next holiday party if you have long to medium length hair.

so pretty!

ombre Ponytail

DIY Cute Ponytail

Double pony tail for more volume! Great idea!

Hair style to keep your hair back

How to: Fishtail Braid. The BEST tutorial on how to fishtail braid i have found. LOVE. Difficulty: easy to do. Overall 10/10.

how to cheat at braiding hair - for girls who love braids but can't actually DIY the hairstyles

Waterfall braid with curls! I want to try this!!

have to try this sometime: flat iron braid for instant waves but be sure to do larger braids (5-6 total over your whole head), and braid them LOOSELY. run over with a flat iron a few times, spritz with hairspray, then let your hair cool off (try braiding before applying your makeup or getting dressed, the longer the braids sit after ironing, the better it will hold).

Easy to do, for those typical bad hair days.