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Alice realized the mushrooms had kicked in when the flowers started talking to her.

Louis Wain ~ The Mind of a Schizophrenic – Fractal Enlightenment

Have you ever wondered what goes on in a Schizophrenic mind? Curious to know what a Schizophrenic sees or feels?

Louis Wain Wide Eyed Cat~Wain more than likely had Asperger syndrome (AS). Of particular note, ... while Wain's art takes on a more abstract nature as he grew older, his technique and skill as a painter did not diminish as one would expect from a schizophrenic. Moreover, elements of visual agnosia are demonstrated in his painting, a key element in some cases of AS. If Wain had visual agnosia, it may have manifested itself merely as an extreme attention to detail.

Paisley Cat (front view) sketch by Louis Wain. colorful indian or middle eastern inspired pencil drawing of his famous cats-a huge departure from the cats pictures he usually painted

RARE LOUIS WAIN Fantasy cat with flowers eyes unposted modern repro postcard

Louis Wain

The Bachelor Party [Cats] : Louis Wain : circa 1939 : Fine Giclee Print

Paisley  Cat | coloured pencil on paper | LOUIS WAIN

The Cat by Louis Wain Painting ( English artist , 1860 ) . One of a series of paintings by the Victorian artist who developed schizophrenia .

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Louis Wain 'Untitled' It is believed that Wain produced his series of 'Kaleidoscope Cats' whilst suffering from Schizophrenia.

Louis Wain cat.

Louis Wain was a well-known artist of the Victorian era whose paintings of cats are often used as a way to illustrate an artists descent into the madness of schizophrenia.

Louis Wain


Louis Wain,  Christmas Toys.

louis wain cats with cat dolls illustration art painting pets animal schizophrenia

Louis Wain | Louis Wain'in Şizofreni Öncesi ve Sonrası Resimleri - 7

Interdimensional Space Cats, a playlist trying to gather somewhat psychedelic sounds from not overtly psychedelic genres.