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Betsy Braddock 1982- So last night Rick Remender alerted me to the fact that Psylocke’s purple hair was actually a conscious fashion choice that British model, Betsy made in 1982. So as Ricky Bobby would say, ” I like to picture my Betsy Braddock as a punk rocker hanging out the club wearin’ her Joy Division t-shirt, drinkin’ beer and smokin’ them fancy cigarettes.” Amen.

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The Rare Barrel

Branding and packaging for The Rare Barrel, an all sour beer company in Berkeley, CA.

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29 Products You Need If You're Obsessed With "The Flash"

This t-shirt for all the speedster wannabees. | 29 Things You'll Want If You're Obsessed With "The Flash"

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El Gordo

El Gordo Bottle - Good People Brewing Co. (Birmingham, AL) recently released this full-bodied imperial stout as part of their Bearded Reserve series.

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Nutrition IQ: Beer

Guinness Stout looks dark and heavy but has about the same calories as Bud Light. A Bud Light label lists calories but not alcohol content (4.2% compared to regular Bud's 5%—a smaller difference than you might guess). A 12-ounce bottle of specialty ale may pack a walloping 8% alcohol and say so, but not reveal calories. Welcome to beer labeling, courtesy not of the USDA but a division of the Treasury.