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Puedes comprar Neff en: Cocinas Ricardo. Bº La Carrumba, 5, Puente San Miguel (Cantabria), Tlf: 942838581, web: www.cocinasricard...

equipamiento NEFF por Orlando Florez

Si buscas una cocina con electrodomésticos Neff en Oviedo, visita Aller Álvarez, en Santa Marina de Piedramuelle 40 , 33193 - Oviedo, Tlf: 985781260,

"Today I’m loving … this beautiful kitchen. I found the image on the website of Elle Interior Norway but I have seen the kitchen before and I know it is somewhere in The Netherlands."

I love the play of horizontal lines found in the hardwood floor, the counter top, the light fixture etc, Horizontal lines gives a solid and harmonious relationship in the space. This design is very masculine due to its clean lines.

In the present with ties to the past. Worn materials bring a story to our crisp, contemporary living spaces. The warm whites of AIR .01 and AIR .03 complement but don’t compete with reclaimed barn wood walls, a farmhouse kitchen sink, or repurposed ceramic tiles. Bring subdued color to this natural palette with the richness of NOURISH .05 and coolness of WATER .02.

Puedes comprar Neff en: Roymardi , en calle Bastidor 6 (Ciudad del Automóvil), en Leganés, Madrid.

Puedes comprar Neff en Oboe Muebles, Calle Hilera, 11, Málaga. Tel: 952281662, web:

Puedes comprar tu cocina con electrodomésticos Neff en Valencia en: Sabella Estudio de cocinas, Guillem de Castro,123, 46008, Valencia, Tel 96 315 40 00,