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Caramel Apple Ice Cream Bowls - Hollow out apples and bake them with cinnamon and sugar inside. After they're done baking, fill them with ice cream and caramel

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Creamy Blackberry Frozen Yogurt - 3 cups fresh blackberries, 3 cups Greek yogurt, 1 oz) can sweetened condensed milk. this may be the final push i need to get an ice cream maker to make homemade greek froyo.

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29 Very Special Caramel-Apple Recipes

DIY Mini Caramel Apples - like cake pops–they’re adorable and the smaller portions mean you won’t feel so stuffed (or just that you can eat more). Plus, they’re less messy, since you can just pop the whole thing in your mouth! COULD ALSO DO CANDY APPLES

Candy Apples

Candy Apples

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Mini Caramel Apples Recipe

The Mini Caramel Apples Recipe Ingredients are super easy. Same as you would need for full sized caramel apples, you just need some cake pop sticks and a melon baller. Get Recipe Here: Mini Caramel Apples Recipe

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Cinnamon apple rings - Pampered Chef Apple tools make quick work! The Corer, or the Apple Peeler/Corer/Slicer! - A quick and delicious snack of sliced apple rings dipped in a yogurt batter, fried, and topped with cinnamon-sugar.

Dilimlenmiş muz arasına ister fındık/fıstık ezmesi isterseniz de nutella koyun ve birkaç saat buzdolabında bekletin. Bir kenarda bitter çikolata eritin ve muz sandviçlerini içerisine atın. Bir kaç saat dondurucuda dondurun.

Need to make these … Chocolate Covered Frozen Banana and [Almond] Butter Bites -- even just frozen chocolate banana bites would be delicious!

Salted Caramel Pretzel Bark

Salted Caramel Pretzel Bark

Talk about playing with your food! Love It!

diy chocolate dessert cups - so fun! tkz: Did this one time at a friend's food party. Messy is what I remember. Yummy though - dark chocolate.