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Self watering planter made from recycled wine bottle. perfect for indoor fall greenery

Lily Pond In A Vase

Martha's micro Lily ponds are an even smaller way to bring nature in for color and beauty.. love them.

DOMSAI Diseño: Matteo Cibic Diseño para un ambiente contemporáneo único. El vidrio soplado con estilo orgánico mantiene su contenido a salvo de contacto exterior.

15 Tips for Outdoor Living Spaces

Make Furnishings Work Twice as Hard Because space is often at a premium in outdoor living areas, furniture and accessories have to do double-duty. Benches may have storage space underneath; tables may also be containers. Here, this pretty side table features a stunning container planted with low-maintenance succulents that add color and texture under a raised tempered-glass top resting on copper supports.

Avo: Self-Cleaning Fish Tank

Meet Avo, a fish tank that naturally cleans its own water. The fish tank also has an innovative moving bed filter, which makes it difficult for typical aquarium gunk to build up.

A handsome plant feeder that waters your plants, even when you’re away from home.