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    • Danlee Parr

      I have always wanted a huge tree tattoo and this one is amazing! I love the designs the branches and roots make and it's on a great place!

    • Abbey Mieritz

      The girl with the tree tattoo... Nope, just doesn't have the same ring to it as "the girl with the dragon tattoo"

    • Kayla Ann

      I've been planning and meaning to get a tree tattoo on my side growing up across my back.

    • Angelica McCarter

      Love the black ink, the lines on the tree. The leaves, maybe not so much

    • Sadie Williams

      Now that's what I'm talking about. I love tree tattoos.

    • Miranda Bowdon

      A Movable Canvas by Emily S. Rueb #yoga #tattoo

    • Aubrey Moore

      Gorgeous! Tree tattoos are my favorite.

    • Tana Schick

      Back tattoo ideas?

    • Kat D

      Body Art

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    What love can do. What a beautiful tattoo.


    Tree of life! Strong roots=Base of knowledge, well being, healt and secret & sacred tool for those who seek better understanding of universal consciousness.;- "Jussi" the psychonaut.

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    Lemon Tree Tattoo #ArmTattoo, #LemonTree, #LemonTreeTattoo, #SmallTattoo, #Tattoo, #TattooIdea, #TreeTattoo

    I would this "Celtic Tree of Life" on my left ankle. Both standing for my heritage, and - obviously, **life**. It would balance out the flaming skull I have on my right ankle, that I got on my 18th birthday on a spur of the moment. :-p Then at least I'd have some life to balance out all that death ;-p

    Having a tattoo on the back is another way to look sexy. Guys finds it attractive on girls. Well, having a sexy figure becomes more attractive with a sexy tattoo on back. Here we have found such hot chicks with amazing back tattoos.

    Already have the tree of life ( very similar to this, on my side from my hip to my rib cage), I added Galiec words throughout the bark tho to symbolize the most important things in life to me such as love, loyalty, strength, etc.

    This is exactly what I want tatted!!!! Finally I have found it. I would like there to be cherry blossoms on it though. The birds would symbolize that in life the tree has life, gives life & sustains life "me".... and the birds "my children" will eventually have to leave. But the tree will always remain firm on the ground not letting anything or anyone rock it & it's also a eternal welcoming for my children and family to always come back no matter what trials& errors we or they'll have to go through.

    Paper planes temporary tattoos. This website has some awesome and fun temporary tats, including these, that would be cool as permanent pieces of body art.

    Floral Flourish temporary tattoo. GREAT inspiration! | Stina Persson; Stockholm, Sweden; set of 2, $5.

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    Tree of Life tattoo (i want to add this to my tree i already have. Make it a little more circular with the blossoms like the tree of life)

    Egyptian tattoo ideas. I like the flower of life symbol...

    love the tree.




    Old Tree Tattoo Design