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The Uchiha Family.-I know their dad's eyes are suppose to show he is a part of the family but they just seem hilariously creepy to me-awesome art though Naruto and his family are on the back page

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All the different stages of Sakura, being held up by her proud adult self! I love how they put her younger stages in a kind of jar that has cherry blossoms in it, since that's what Sakura means :) - Caitlin. Cool. -Ash

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Tobirama & Hashirama Senju. Hashirama's face is perfect XD its like," da fuq was that?"

Naruto | Itachi and Sasuke These two brothers loved each other more than pretty much any other two people in the anime. Itachi is a killer role model and protector. Sasuke...well, he was misguided.