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Details about ORWELL brainwashing TV people media Men's T SHIRT 8 colours 6 sizes

Image from Dada. In the same way that these hybrid creatures represent people being brainwashed through what they see on television, I want my hybrid creatures to represent people suffering from mental health issues which affect their self esteem (i.e eating disorders) being brainwashed by what they see as beautiful.

Perfect Couples on

i used to care about you, until i realized how pathetic i was to be crying over someone who simply didn't care. you hurt me, you made me feel like i was worthless, stupid, and unimportant. i let you get to me; in fact i let you control me. but i'm finally moving on. although you did teach me one thing: to never hold on to someone who isn't holding on to you. as for me, i know better. as for you, you lost a person who actually cared.

Find The Thing You're Most Passionate About, Then Do It On Nights And Weekends For The Rest Of Your Life

'Because you really don't want to wake up in ten years and think to yourself: “What if I had just gone after my dreams during those brief lunch breaks when I was younger?” '

Once we begin to realise that we have control of our lives again we can start to make decisions about how we want to live and who we will allow in our space it's an incredibly empowering feeling of freedom. Cutting off completely is essential to regain your self back again, any connection will only prolong the grieving and keep it in your awareness. Moving on in every possible way is the goal.

Tim Challies - Modesty Matters - Addresses the definition of modesty and nuances of the concept

What It's Like to Have ADHD: What You Don't Know

One woman with adult ADHD shares what it�s like to live with the condition, and the things she experiences you�d never expect.