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I don't see why girls think they have to cake it on. We all know you your warring makeup you don't have to make it more obvious.

I'm officially D.O.N.E. Done with this band and their gorgeous and magnificent bodies and voices!! Making girls all over the word melt.

oh. wet NAILs. like fingernails. I thought nails like sharp, pointy hit em with a hammer nails. 0_o life is confusing.

Wet and wild party giant bubble fun! This solution is 10 gallons of distilled water, 10 cups of original Dawn and 30 drops of glycerine (Amazon). The photo says it all!

Penis Water Gun - Gift idea for a bachelorette party - Make all the party guest nice and wet by giving them a good soaking using this penis shaped water gun. Just fill with water or any drink you like and shoot any time, any place and at any one who gets in your way. The funniest gift for a bachelorette party! - $8.00